Head Coach, Matt Keelen

Arlington Sage 12u-Keelen  ('05)

Breaking News- The Sage 12U-Keelen team coached by Matt Keelen since they started out as a 8U All-Star team and through the 2017/18 season at the 12UB level is stepping down to allow his daughter to continue to play at the 12UB level.

The new Head Coach is the former Assistant Coach, Paul Conner bring over 25 years of coaching experiencing including both baseball and fastpitch softball.

In addition, the team will be transitioning to the new "Arlington Impact", the collegiate prep travel division

of AGSA and playing at the 13B level in B and Open Class Tournaments in the Fall.

 Website- http://www.arlingtonimpact.org/

Breaking News 6/19:  Deja vu... 10U ('05) Sage Keelen squad places second at the 10U VA State (Pony) Championship!!

Breaking News 6/5:  10U ('05) Sage Keelen squad places second at the 10U B Level VA State (USSSA) Championship!!

About Us

The 10U ('05) Keelen team formed for the Fall 2015 season as a C-level team playing local tournaments and double-headers with comparable squads. It is comprised of girls born in 2005 and 2006 who love softball, trying hard, having fun, and supporting their friends. While having fun, this squad of talented girls managed to secure the number one ranking in the entire United States among 200+ C level teams according to the USSSA.

In the Spring and Summer of 2016, we came back with the same fun loving attitude and are playing as a B level team in a half dozen or more tournaments around the DC area. After a few early season "welcome to the big league" tourneys, we found our footing and have made it to multiple Championship games on Sundays.

For 2017, we will be moving up from 10U ball to 12U ball. However, this will remain a 2005-2006 birth year team so we anticipate a long Fall of working on individual growth, team growth, and uphill battles. No one ever says character building is easy. :-)

Coach Keelen is focused on bringing out the best in all of the girls. Whether on the softball field or completely off the field, this squad of talented girls strive for personal growth, respect for others, and respect for the game. The wins we accumulate are not the goal; they are merely the results of proper attitude and effort.


Coach: Matt Keelen

Email: mkeelen@keelengroup.com

Phone: 703-973-6692

General Manager: Tyler Anbinder

Email: tanbinder@gmail.com