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Arlington SAGE 14U - Lansing 

About Us

For the 2016-17 Season, the Sage will be fielding two teams at the 14U level.  Both team will have players of multiple birth years born in 2004 and after. Both coaches are committed to working together throughout the year to give as many players as many playing opportunities as possible.

The Lansing team is looking forward to being competitive at the 14UB level.  There are a few roster positions open for talented players seeking to work hard, play hard and be competitive.  Contact Coach Lansing for more information and to set up a private tryout (

The Marceca team is full and is already working hard to put the team in the best position to compete this coming season.  There are many opportunities to play multiple positions and to work to refine critical skills.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Coach Marceca @ (


Points of Contact (14U - Lansing): Dave Lansing

Point of Contact (14U - Marceca): Kris Marceca